Aluminum Gutters

A gutter carries rain water to the down pipe via a channel constructed most commonly out of aluminium, iron or copper. It is usually fixed to the eaves or the roof.

The most common type of guttering utilized is the seamless aluminium guttering. However your choice of guttering will vary depending on the purpose it will be serving.

Aluminum Rain Gutters

An aluminium gutter is usually the most commonly installed gutter material as it is generally not very expensive and usually rust-resistant unlike steel gutters that are sturdier but rust quickly.

However some gutter installers argue that an iron gutter dents as easily as an aluminium gutter, and unlike an aluminium gutter, the moment an iron gutter is dented, the rust begins to build up.

When purchasing your gutter the cost of an iron gutter is less than that of an aluminium gutter, however the difference in price isn’t usually very big. Instead you should focus on the thickness of the metal.

The gutters are manufactured in various thicknesses, and it is advisable to opt for the thickest material as in the long run it will be more profitable.

In the event you are worried that your aluminium gutter won’t match your house, keep in mind that aluminium gutters come in an array of colours and it is unlikely that you will not find a gutter that matches your house.

In addition to purchasing an aluminium gutter you may also want to look into other accessories that protect your roof and house such as an aluminium gutter leaf guard.

Often during heavy rains or due to change in season, dead leaves will collect in your gutter resulting in your gutter getting blocked.

This could result in damaging your gutter to the extent that you will have to re-install new guttering.

If you live in a region where you are sometimes subjected to bushfires, having dry leaves collect on the eaves of your roof may put your house at risk.

To avoid such problems it is advisable to purchase a gutter leaf guard.

However if you have installed an aluminium gutter in your home be mindful to purchase an ‘aluminium’ gutter leaf guard as these guards are made specifically for these gutters and more importantly out of rust resistant aluminium.

Finally to avoid expensive repairs ensure that clean your aluminium gutter at least twice a year.

Even if you have a leaf guard protector, eaves and debris will accumulate over the guard which could result in extensive damage especially during a heavy storm.

If you r house is located in a place where you experience seasons one of the best times to clean out your gutter would be during fall which usually falls around august.

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